Rescue Squad.

On April 20, 1938 at 11:45 p.m. the first emergency rescue squad in the township of Huntington, responded to its first call, an automobile accident on Route 25-A. Their first patient was ex-chief Benjamin Cairo of Northport, New York. Thus began 59 years of volunteer emergency medical services to the residents of the Centerport Fire District. and also frequently to other areas of the township on mutual aid. In June of 1938, the squad obtained it’s first ambulance, a 1938 Ford panel, a gift from William K. Vanderbilt a resident of Centerport. In 1952, the fire fighters raised funds and bought a 1953 Cadillac ambulance, which they then donated to the Centerport Fire District as a replacement for the original vehicle. After 13 years of service this ambulance was replaced in October 1966 with another Cadillac ambulance paid for by the taxpayers of Centerport. The first “modular” ambulance was added to the squad in July 1977 at which time the Cadillac was retained as a backup until it too was replaced by a second modular ambulance. In December 1977 the squad and both of its ambulances were the first on Long Island to receive state certification, meeting all the new requirements for ambulance services. The squad then had 35 state licensed Emergency Medical Technicians and was among the early recipients of the new county provided advanced life support equipment and Med-com radios system. Through the years the members of the squad have been involved in helping to establish rescue squads in the surrounding areas. We have always had several county instructors as members of the squad as well as first aid and C.P.R. instructors. In 2000 we started allowing members to join the Centerport F.D. as “Rescue Only” members. Rescue Only members primarily provide EMS services. Today the squad responds to many calls for help 24 hours a day. During the night time hours we have Rescue duty crews that respond directly to the scene so that we may render care as soon as possible. There are always backup crews to jump into action when needed. Our rescue squad members spend many many hours training and reviewing all state and county protocols so that the residents of the Centerport Fire District and its surrounding areas can receive the best care that is available anywhere. These dedicated volunteers will put aside family and work matters to help their fellow citizens. whether it’s 3 in the morning or on a warm Sunday afternoon, they are here to help.